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Your dental health is far too important to be worked into a budget cycle. If your insurance does not cover all the costs for the procedure you want and need, we offer convenient payment options so it is feasible to get the treatment you need.


For Springstone, patients can apply on-line or by telephone at 800-630-1663.  Their website is There is no cost or obligation.  A patient must apply and be approved 48 hours prior to treatment! Once the patient has applied and has been approved for a pre-determined amount, the approval form is printed out.  When the patient arrives for treatment, they simply sign and date the form.  We are able to check for a patient’s approval here at the office, or they can check themselves by going to

We pay the interest for 6 months on procedures of at least  $1000.00 and we will pay the interest for 12 months on procedures exceding $5000.00.  Springstone states that "If the balance is not paid in full in 6 or 12 months from date of purchase, interest will be imposed from the date of purchase at an APR of 22.98%.  This APR will vary and is based on the Prime Rate."

**Springstone applications need to be completed 48 hours prior to treatment!!

Care Credit Finance

No initial payment.  Interest free payment plan for 3 or 6 months. Payment plans up to 60 months with a low 13.9% interest rate. Prepayments can be made without penalty. Interest is retroactive if a payment is missed or not paid in full within the interest free period.  It's easy to apply- fast, confidential service in our office which can be done by phone or on-line at Care Credit's secure Web Site

 **Care Credit applications need to be completed one week prior to appointment.